The Photoshop Layers Tutorial

If you intend to learn and master Photoshop, you have no option but to go through the Photoshop layers tutorial. Why are the layers that necessary? Probably you are wondering, but with layers, your original photo cannot be destroyed at all. All you are working with are the copies of that original one. If you are using several layers, you can opt to use various blending modes to alter how layers interact.

With many options, you have the entire control of all effects during the photoshop process. Lastly, you can add the layer masks to work selectively with the ability to make adjustments on the photo you are making. With many benefits as discussed above, layers are an important aspect on photoshop. The following are types of layers you will come across in the Photoshop layers tutorial.

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New layer; You can access this by pressing CTRL, SHIFT, and Non the keyboard. Or go to the LAYER option at the top left corner and click on NEW LAYER. This displays a blank transparent layer. This enables you to change or add something on the photo you intend to Photoshop. In case you want to add a border, you have SELECT-ALL and EDIT-STROKE. You choose to turn on or off the layer or add another layer style like the emboss or the bevel.

Adjustment layer; this is a transparent layer where you can edit your photo without affecting the original one at all. The option is available under the LAYER option, – NEW ADJUSTMENT LAYER. This is the surest way to edit a photo. All the changes are possible because of the transparent adjustment layer available on top of the original photo that enables you to modify the pixels without destroying or touching anything.

This type of layer is the most preferred because it is not destructive. Even after proceeding to other new layers, it is easy to return and edit the previous layers. You can stack several layers and edit them separately without affecting the work on each layer. The layers complement each other, but still, you work on them selectively.

Text layer; access this by pressing letter T in the toolbar or the keyboard. This displays text in the text layer. From there adjust its size, color, font, and shape. Similar to the adjustment layer, you can edit the previous layers quickly.

Duplicate layer; Lastly, access this by pressing CTRL and J or under the LAYERS tab to create a copy of the layer you are using. Even the effects are replicated in details and duplicates are similar to a photocopy machine. Though rarely used, it is ideal for experts in photoshop who use it sparingly.

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