The Impact of Facebook to your Marketing Needs

At this juncture to increase web traffic with social media has become a mandate in almost every business. Social media marketing is no more alien for any industry now. To keep the ante up now days you have to increase web traffic using social media and there are few social media websites that are very important in this scenario. There are several reports have already published and many of them have agreed this fact. Currently in a similar report it is said that around 70% of B2C marketers are capturing customers using Facebook.

Facebook annoncering 18Facebook has now around one billion users who are accessing this social networking site regularly. The mere thinking of connecting so many people in an instant is itself makes a very good business proposition. If we see in the current market most of the business industries are trying to promote their site online and trying constantly to improve website traffic with Facebook and other social media sites. Reaching billion people across the world on a single platform has made all the business minds compelled to come to a conclusion where they have to increase web traffic using social media and Facebook Traffic will be the key in that case because of its behemoth popularity.

It is recommended by most of the social media experts that the companies who all want to use social media for marketing should create their own profile in all the popular social sites. Then promoting that page will automatically improve website traffic with annoncering på Facebook. There are other sites as well like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIN etc and all of them are very important social media site. If a company wants to promote their site or any product then should increase web traffic with social media because at this moment this platform will help you reach billions of people 24*7 in very minimal costs.

As we all know that Facebook at this moment have acquired the most consumers and that is close to billion hence there are loads of benefits one may receive for increasing their website traffic only by Facebook markedsføring and following are a few statistics that have been observed by the experts.

  • Online retailers logged in via Facebook pretty often and the percentage of their logins in social media through Facebook is 5.79%
  • In 2013 at least 13% advertisement revenue for mobiles have come from Facebook across the globe
  • All the business to the consumer players in the market have received 70% customers through Facebook

The recent age companies have evolved their marketing strategies thoroughly and trying to reach people directly and social media is a boon for them. They are reaching as many people as possible using this medium. Now the site or business owners need to analyze about the potential market and as per the type of business they have to choose social networking sites. The volume of website traffic is also very important factor to analyze and the significant source of web traffic will attract more attention of the particular business heads.

It is also facts that the direct impact of social networking sites on the website traffic is not that significant but that will never stop companies to use them because social media can influence around 18% of website visitors to visit a certain kind of pages. Therefore, using social sites very actively will help companies to maintain the connection with the people. The information of certain products or websites will reach more people across the world or as per the requirement. The type and range is also possible to define by the users. It is up to the kind of presence in the social networking sites that is forecasting the amount of traffic a website may receive.

This platform of social media marketing is still a very new sector and it is evolving every day. The use of social media to generate more website traffic is very important and it is also useful to make people familiar about the brand or making the brand image. It is always an excellent option to make a connection with your potential customers as much as possible and social networking sites are just apt for this. If anyone wants to increase their web traffic, then they should use social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace etc as much as possible in urgent basis.

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