Bunny Cages – For the Comfort and Safety Of Your Bunnies

REX 1Having your bunnies roam in your residence is quite risky to them since they can get devoured by a predator, eat poisonous plants, collect parasites or even get harmed. Therefore it would be better for you to get them a shelter where they can live comfortably. A bunny cage will be a suitable shelter for the bunnies.

Good-sized bunny cages will ensure comfort for your bunnies. Therefore, a considerable size should be chosen. What will determine the size of the cage will the size of your bunnies and the space that you have for the cage. Most experts recommend that the size of the cage should be four times the size of the bunny that will live in it. A cage of 24 inches by 36 inches are suitable for smaller breeds that weigh less than8 lbs or less. Medium and bigger breeds should be kept in cages having minimum measurements of 30 inches by 36 inches. The bigger cage you have the better in Rabbit Expert.

Large cages provide bunnies with ample space for hoping and playing. You can use a cardboard as a flooring for the cage. Bunnies love to dig so providing a cardboard filled with soil or shredded paper will help in satisfying their urge to dig. To prevent from getting bored, you can put bunny toys and chews treats in the cage. This will ensure that your bunny will remain happy in the cage.

The cage should have an allowance to put solid floor. This area can be fitted with a cardboard. This cardboard can also be filled with soil or wood shavings. However new studies indicate that red cedar bedding is a health risk to the bunnies. A sisal mat can also be used instead of a cardboard. The solid floor gives the bunnies’ feet a rest, a good place to sleep on and also ensures easy cleaning.

The cage should be made of a wire mesh that does not rust easily. A galvanized wire cage is the best because ensures that the cage last for long and also makes it easier to clean. The cage should be made of wire mesh with small spaces so that no predator can access the bunny inside. The cage should have a door with enough space allowing you to easily get access litter pans and also remove the large bunnies without much struggle. Make sure this opening is smooth without protruding wires that can hurt you or your bunny.

Security, comfort, and health of bunnies are the major concerns that will bother you when rearing your bunnies. Therefore you should regularly clean and service the bunny cage to ensure that your bunnies live happily and healthy.

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