Security Body Scanners – Metal Detectors


Why would you need a hand held metal detector?

Hand held metal detectors are metal detecting tools that are made to scan someone’s body or even their luggage at security sensitive areas and provide that means of safety for everyone. Garrett is a manufacturer that has been a worldwide leader for over 40 years in hand held metal detection products. Many of Garrett’s detectors have been used in multiple Olympic Games as well as many airports around the globe.

Metal detector for treasure hunting are highly efficient at detecting metallic weapons at various security checkpoints depending on the event. Garrett super scanners have the potential of detecting medium sized pistols at 9 inches, large pocket knives up to 6 inches and razor blades at 3 inches. Security metal detectors are also used in identifying terrorists and potential attackers at airports and other key locations. During the wars in Iraq military soldiers use metal detectors to search for possible cache points and weapons storage areas.

Security body scanners are not necessarily made for any one single event. Nightclubs are always in need of security. Any number of customers entering a night establishment could be carrying a knife or any object to inflict injury to another. Arena events are a prime target for suspected usage of a deadly weapon. Football games and other sporting events are comprised of adrenaline rushed fans that will do anything to prove their team is the best. Gyms, hospitals and even birthday parties could amp up their security with a hand held metal detector. Kids can do some crazy things.

Any way you look at it, a hand held metal detector has the means to provide security for your event. Take charge and take control of the people entering your event by using a Garrett metal detector or any other metal detection system and improve your odds of providing a safe environment.

Most models feature manual ground balance controls, which allow the machine to be adjusted for the general iron content of the ground. When the ground being searched is relatively homogenous, these controls require minimal adjustments and work well. When the ground being searched has wildly varying iron content or many out of place mineralized stones then these manual controls will have to constantly be adjusted to maintain proper performance. Detectors that feature automatic ground balance will require less adjustment and will have less false ground noise.

Nugget detectors find all conductive metals. Most units have the ability to tune out many common iron and steel trash items. Pulse induction detectors are not so good at discriminating out trash items.

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