Oral Drug Testing

Let’s face it. Drug abuse has always been within us. Whether it is a family member of a co-worker; you probably know someone who has abused drugs at some point of their life. But of recent, more people are getting caught for their drug use problems. Is it that employers and the police have come up with better drug testing methods? Is the increase of oral drug testing the cause?

According to a research by Quest diagnostics, drug positivity rate has increased by 47% since 2012. The most detected drug is marijuana, with a 25% detection rate. Prescription drugs abuse has also been on the rise, and so have been other drugs most commonly tested using the oral drug testing method.


Experts cite an overall improvement in drug testing methods as a reason for the more drug positives in the country today. In addition, employers and drug testing labs have increasingly eliminated pitfalls that often led result adultery in the past. These pitfalls, like clients using synthetic urine are now all possible to avoid thanks to the use of oral drug testing.

The mouth swab drug test from Drug Tests In Bulk is one of the most common oral drug testing methods. It provides a cheat proof accuracy level because the test is basically conducted on site. It leaves no room for dilution of the sample or tampering of any kind. On the other hand, the test method does not need experts to be conducted. It doesn’t ask for a special lab actually-but produces drug test results in almost a few minutes afterwards.

With its high level of accuracy, its respectfulness to clients and affordability; employers are deploying the method very often these days-and they are catching a lot of drug abusers. The method does have its limitations though, but for now oral drug testing is what everyone wants to use.

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