Immigration to America from Russia

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In the past few weeks questions have been lingering in many people’s minds about the future of the US especially under the leadership of their new president. Although Russia’s president seems to have a warm relationship with the new US president, it is however not clear how long these ‘warm’ relations will last. Nonetheless, it has always not been very easy for any person to acquire US citizenship leave alone the Russians. The US department of immigration has very strict policies when it comes to admitting citizens from other countries. Immigration to America from Russia is indeed possible but one has to undergo several background checks before you are given a visa to travel to the US.

Before being admitted to the US, the US department in charge of immigration ensures that all your documents are in order. They will for instance make sure that you do no not have a criminal record, establish your reasons for wanting to go and stay in the US among other reasons. If therefore you don’t want a lot of obstacles in obtaining a US visa, it is important first of all to go through some of their policies and requirements prior to your application. The US government gives Russian and citizens from other countries permanent residence on different accounts. For example they might give you entry as an asylum, on account of business or work, and also by virtue of marriage.

The L-1 visa which allows immigration to America from Russia is contingent to a Russian citizen having worked in the foreign company with ha satellite office in the US for at least a year. The company should also be able to prove to the USCIS that you have been working for them at least for the past three years. In addition, those who want to obtain US citizenship through marriage should also prove to the immigration departments that they have met with their partners prior to the application of the visa. It is therefore safe for anyone wishing to get a visa to ensure that all their documents are verifiable.

In general, over the past few years there has been a decrease in the number of Russians seeking entry into the US. However, everyday there are people who apply for green cards and other forms of visa to the US government through its embassies. The most important thing to note is the requirement put by the US government if you do not want to be disappointed in the whole process.

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