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Xbox Live is a Microsoft created and operated online gaming and digital media delivery service. It also allows for an online multiplayer gaming experience unfortunately, it charges users a fee for this. Although there is an Xbox Live Free, its features are paltry compared to the with pay version, which is the Xbox Live Gold.

Among the features supported by Xbox Live Gold but missing in the “Live Free” are party chat and video chat. These may not be significant omissions when used with Windows Phone 7 since the other communication suites of the enabled Smartphone can complement their absence. Not having multiplayer gaming, as well as having no access to social networks will be missed (although the latter can still be accessed if the Smartphone in use has internet capabilities). Other lacking features are Netfix movie streaming, Sky Player, and ESPN all of which require subscriptions.


It is without doubt that the Xbox Live Gold is the preferred service, but this will entail shelling out a certain amount, which may be monthly, every three months, or yearly depending on your payment scheme of choice. However, wouldn’t it be better if you can get the full-featured Xbox Live Gold services for free? Especially for mobile gamers wanting multiplayer gaming experience and those who want to constantly check and update their Facebook account using their Xbox 360S but have limited or no budget, free Xbox Live Gold is a definite advantage.

Buy Xbox 360 Storage after Free trial Xbox Live services it can be enjoyed for a two-month trial period with specially marked Xbox Live enabled games. The free trial subscription code may be found at the bottom of the Two-Month Free Trial Card, which comes with these games. Examples are Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, and Star Wars Battlefront. In order to activate your Xbox Live, you will have t set up a trial account. Note that trial beyond two months cannot be extended with multiple cards and when the trial period is over, you are left with the not-so-desirable Xbox Live Free. Either that or you spend for the premium service. Nevertheless, do you really have to empty your wallet for the added service?

The fact is that you can get Xbox Live Gold for free from reward websites by earning points. In order to earn these points, you will be asked to complete surveys. Once you have earned enough points you can order free Xbox Live. Some sites will ask you to complete an offer and make a referral. The more referrals you generate, the more points you earn.

The detailed procedure is as follows:

  1. Register for an account in a reward site. Usually, you will be asked for a username, password, and your email address. Make sure that you give your true email address because the free Xbox Live code will be emailed to you, when you have earned enough points and redeem them. Some sites require additional personal information like telephone number and street address.

  2. You will have to complete surveys to earn points. Oftentimes this entails completing the requirements of an offer, marking it as complete, and playing a mini game (which could earn you bonus points).

  3. When you have earned enough points, you can order your free Xbox Live. In some cases, you may order free Microsoft points or items from Some sites will allow you to exchange your points for cash vouchers, which can be used for online purchases. But do not expect that the Xbox Live code or the voucher will be immediately sent to you. Allow for a few days at the most.

  4. When you receive your free Xbox Live code through email, you will have to login to Xbox Live. Choose “Redeem Prepaid Card” or “Promotional Code” when prompted, and then enter the code. After which you can enjoy the full service, which Xbox Live Gold offers.

Given the simplicity of the procedure, many people feel that it is a scam. Others are of the perception that it is quite difficult to earn the prescribed number of points, which would entitle you to order the free Xbox Live. They think that you will have to complete an unreasonably large number of surveys to qualify. However, the opposite is actually true. These websites are legitimate. Since they are paid for every completed survey, they in turn compensate you for your service. Reviews and testimonials attest to the fact that by completing a few surveys or free offers, you can earn enough points to be able to get your free Xbox code.

If you will register with a reward site that allows you to swap your points earned for cash vouchers, this will give you the flexibility to make purchases of whatever is available online. Depending on the total value of your cash vouchers (which is of course dependent on the total number of points you have earned) you may even purchase Xbox 360S accessories or other gadgets for that matter. And all you have to do is to complete those surveys!

You will have to choose the reward site wisely. Note that some sites are more flexible than others as far as the redeemable prizes are concerned. As previously mentioned, some offer maximum flexibility by allowing conversion of points to cash vouchers. In addition, some sites require that more personal information be given during registration. If you are averse to this, you may be better off with those that require minimal personal data. Also, there are reward sites that are generous with bonus points. In fact, there are those, which give bonus points immediately upon registration. Evaluate the sites thoroughly before you sign up.

So what are you waiting for? Work towards getting your free Xbox Live code immediately. Search for possible reward sites and check their reviews. Once you have chosen a particular site, register and work on the surveys. You will be able to amass enough points in no time, and you will be able to order for an Xbox Live code. Once you have it, login and enter the code. Now you can relish the fruits of your labor by enjoying that one of a kind online multiplayer gaming experience provided Xbox Live.

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