Germination of Marijuana Seeds


When you want to germinate the marijuana seeds successfully, the seeds should have enough moisture, darkness and warmth. It is also recommended that clean water must be used when watering the seeds and the distilled water is the best one to use. And if you are living in municipalities, don’t worry because the water supplies in municipal places are clean and pH neutral. If you use chlorination, even if in small amount only, the germs and parasites that are in the water will be killed. Although some of the municipal water supplies are good, if you can’t drink it anyway, do not use it for the germination of the marijuana seeds as well. You can also use the bottled water, as long as it is free of additives and carbonation.

Here is what you should do on how to grow marijuana seeds . For you to get the best results, you must have a clean and soaked paper towel and put the Marijuana seeds there. Then layer another soaked paper towel on the seeds. Place the seeds in a place that is warm and dark, and let it sit there. The cupboard in your kitchen is perfect for that. Every 12 hours, check on the seeds. And if the towel feels fry, add more water. Marijuana seeds will swell and split on their casings after 48 hours. If you notice that there are white and initial roots that become visible in the casings of the seeds, stop soaking the seeds in water. They are now ready to be planted.

You must plant the seeds in a container that is clean and is pH balanced. The container or medium should have a good drainage and is loose and light. It is advisable that you have a blend of vermiculite, sphagnum moss and Perlite. You can buy them as premixed. They can stand alone or can be mixed with soil.

There is a standard measurement of how deep the marijuana seeds should be planted. They must be planted for about ¼ to half inch deep and the container should have another 4 inch deep to allow the root to grow down. The container must have holes to allow the water to drain and for the seeds to not drown. The soil must not be soaked, but damp. It is important to have a high humidity for the seeds to germinate better.

Cover the planted marijuana seeds with a clear plastic. The planted marijuana seeds must be placed under lights that are horticultural or in frame that is cold. The environment must have a temperature of warm and humid, preferably, 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

If the cannabis sprouts are clearing the surface of the soils and you see that there are leaves formed, remove the plastic cover. Keep the soil damp and must be fertilized during this stage. You can now observe their growth.

There are varieties of Marijuana seeds that cannot germinate when they are place at room temperature. But these seeds will germinate with a temperature of 90 degrees, which is 20 degrees higher than of room temperature.

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