Functions of Different Commercial Lawn Mowers

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There are several lawn mowers that can handle an acre sized lawn just fine. However, these mowers fall into two major categories: push mowers and riding mowers. The latter definitely sound fancier, but there are times when the push commercial best zero turn mower will do a better job. Read our guide below and known if your jobs can be handled by a riding or push lawn mower.

Big Open Lawns

When talking about lawns sized two acres or more, a riding mower might be the better option. I mean, these machines come with cutting decks three times larger than any push mower. That means they will cut faster and more efficiently than a push machine can ever achieve. Think about the costs of doing that job also. You could invest in a push machine and hire a person to lawn for a couple of days. But why not by a riding mower that could do the job more effectively within a couple of hours?

Wet or thick grass

Never try to cut thick, damp lawns with a push mower. They simply aren’t meant for that job. On the contrary, riding mowers can cut through damp grass without getting clogged by the turfs. And since their blades are usually stronger, they are able to survive even small sticks or pieces of plastic that could completely shut down a typical push commercial mower.

Steep Hills

To professional landscapers, the steepness of a lawn can’t stop them from doing a perfect job. Even when using a riding mower. But to the average person, a push commercial mower is the best tool for mowing grassy, steep lawns. They provide more stability, and better yet are safe in such places. On the contrary, riding mowers can rollover a steep, grassy hill anytime. However, great landscapers know how to operate the riding mowers across hills and minimize the risks of slipping along the way.

Tight Areas

A push commercial lawn mower is the best deal for operating closely laid lawns. They provide more control especially where the mowing has to be done along the edges and borders efficiently. They are also efficient where the landscape is filled with twists and turns. On the contrary, a riding machine may seem too big for such areas.

If you simply want your big lawns mowed, a commercial landscaper can help you know what machine to invest in. You can also rely on review sites for more information about commercial mowers.

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