Building a Green Home


Everything is going green and so the construction of houses. When it comes to home building, the growing trend of today is building eco-friendly homes. Building includes the fixtures and even the appliances to use inside the home. If you are considering making your home an eco-friendly one, you can seek guidance from Perth custom home builders or you may do your own research first so you can plan on the budget.

The Cost

Building a green home is costly. However, it is like making a long term investment where the ROI can be slow to see. Initial expenses can be costly because of the nature of materials that will be used in building. It calls for replacing the conventional materials used. In return, using eco-friendly materials will not bring you to spending money to frequent repairs and remodeling. The home builder Perth companies can give you a quotation should you need to assess how much you need to prepare.


Here are few things home builder Perth companies will suggest to be replaced:

  • Replacing wooden frame with steel frames. Steel can be used for longer time and is cannot be destroyed by molds.

  • Replacing vinyl flooring or carpets with ceramic or hard wood. We all know that carpet requires more resources when maintained. Other flooring than ceramics and hardwood can be harmful to the health because of the gases emitted overtime.

  • Use of double-pane doors and windows for a more cooling effect. You need not use too much of your air conditioning system. This type also blocks Ultra Violet rays.

  • Built-in filters for the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen for water purification.

  • Use of new models for smoke detectors. Old models are made from radioactive materials.

  • Use of recycled lumber like redwood shingles.

  • Use of cotton insulation than fiberglass.

  • Air con with HEPA filters.

The Procedure

Building a greener home may be new to you. You actually need not do this alone. It is in fact not recommended doing without the aid of the experts from home builder Perth. This is not the usual home building procedures. This requires special materials that have special purposes. It is much needed to allocate a certain budget hiring services from these experts to make sure that nothing will be put into waste.

The complexity of the procedure will depend on what needs to be done. But just to be sure, do not expect a short timeline for this process.

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