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I’ve been thus wrapped up in writing about my own Usa destinations and series that I seemed I wasn’t offering Malaysia enough take pleasure in and focus any more, I don’t want it to feel left out. Anyway since this is my own first blog post with this Malaysia blog, I use decided to write a list as to why I think Malaysia is a good place to live and study in. As an individual whom studied there for over 6 years I actually believe I acquired the complete international student in Malaysia experience here are 5 positive aspects and benefits of learning in Malaysia.
1) Multicultural environment

to begin with, this is my primary reason because My spouse and i believe that in nowadays world communication is key. And yea you probably all anyways know that, nevertheless I actually assumed it’s important to get started with that. Since communications is vital now, getting to interact with other cultures makes communications so much more intriguing and satisfying.

You get to know about various other religions, cultures and ethnicities and honestly nothing can beat that, and I’m genuinely significant. Back to Malaysia now, in this region you can get to meet persons certainly not only from distinct countries but including different continents. Malaysia is one of the most modern countries I have ever been to. My friends and classmates came from all across the global world and studied under the same roof. In my opinion, that was the most valuable merit of studying in Malaysia for my I and friends.

2) Relatively cost-effective

Well Malaysia’s money is Ringgit, which is a cheap currency in comparison to Dollar and Euro relatively, which are used to in Europe and US respectively, each dollar is about 4 approximately. 4 Ringgits and that is a good exchange rate really. Student life is Malaysia is relatively cheap also, I will not say too low-cost, as I don’t think anywhere anymore is too cheap, but a pupil can live more comfortably than different places just like even it’s border region Singapore. In my opinion on Malaysia part I had written several approximate figures about the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur, I’m not necessarily mindful of the living costs in various other student oriented metropolitan areas in Malaysia although they are absolutely less costly than Kuala Lumpur. I would say with about 2000 Ringgits a full month, which is below 500 US all of us dollars, a student can live quite in KL comfortably.
3) Reliable universities

Very well the ranking of Malaysian universities rarely reach quite of up to universities in ALL OF US or Canada that is certainly only natural, but Malaysia has many reputable universities linke KDU University which provide a great educational experience still. Well let’s take on my case for instance, though my education never reached university level in Malaysia even, I was still there till my pre university years and as it was mentioned by me before, I studied in sunway university an university that strived for greatness actually, I absolutely loved the ongoing work of my teachers and the whole energy that they brought into the classroom. Sunway is among the best Kuala Lumpur’s maximum ranked universities and now I’m going to talk about a few other good kinds.

The most famous university in all of Malaysia is University of UM or Melaya, making it for the world’s top five-hundred, it is a large and impactful university in Malaysia rather. Among my favorite features is the Petronas College or university in Ipoh which can be famous for it’s excellent engineering program. Various other notable colleges are Universiti Teknologi Malaysia plus the international Islamic college or university of Malaysia. to learn more check webpages just like Webometrics. info

Foodstuff heaven

I’ve explained this before I will say it yet again, Malaysia has superb food diversity, just like oh my the almighty, it shall take you months to get through the local cuisines let alone the International cuisines. I’m astonished that wasn’t my own top reason to examine in Malaysia, i care about education after all maybe. Well food is quite affordable in Malaysia now, in contrast to Iran, My spouse and i will say that is a bit more pricey in Malaysia, in the case of groceries and diary products specially, but overall it is affordable for broke students like us still. So nothing to really worry about. I actually honestly and genuinely suggest that you get in the behavior of eating the area cuisines, because well first of all they are amazing and second of all real way more cost efficient.

The local cuisines are divided into different categories also, there are the malaysian national dishes, such as Nasi and lemak goreng. We have local Indian and Chinese cuisines then, I suggest Tandoori chicken with garlic bread and Indoo mee noodles definitely, the choices are endless I think i should write a whole piece on Malaysian cuisines actually.

The weather

Well this point can be equally considered an advantage and a disadvantage so I think it truly will depend on you along with your preferences. Well to me that was considered a fantastic advantage, well I love tropical weathers because, I love that there is sunshine all full year around, that it’s sizzling therefore you don’t have to layer up, I loved that i could go to the beach all full year long. Wow as well I loved Malaysia’s rain man, the downpour that you could be saved by no umbrella from, but the rain was so warm and good that I constantly loved walking beneath it so absolutely I think you fellas get the picture.

Malaysia is pretty much the same all full year round, that doesn’t get cold and for people who hate the cold weather I think is actually an advantage I’ll describe how it’s a downside in the other post.

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