A Fascination for the Modern Woman

You do not have to wear a hat anymore just to be called a real woman. Instead, you can just work on the most modern alternative to a hat, which is called a fascinator. These hair pieces are made to replace wigs, hairdressers and just like what I have mentioned earlier – large and intricate detailed hats.

A fascinator comes in various designs, shape, and material. But most often than not, materials that are popular for this marvelous hair piece would be the following:

  • Feathers of different colors
  • Silk made into different shapes, but the most popular would be ribbons and flowers.
  • Beads of all kinds and sizes
  • Precious crystals
  • Different colored rhinestones
  • Lace
  • Net
  • Or even real hair

You can easily attach a fascinator because it is equipped with a built in comb or a clip that will attach to your hair comfortably and steadily.

Who wears a fascinator?

People use fascinators to glam up their style and outfit during special events like weddings, debuts, and evening parties. These pieces were even worn by the British and Australian women during horse racing events.

Being stylish and modern, yet preserve the polished look is sure to be accomplished if you have a fascinator to wear. The price of one will highly depend on the materials used and the complexity of the craftsmanship. But regardless of the price, I think everyone is more than willing to purchase one or even more for herself, since a fascinator is becoming an “IT” thing these days when it comes to the fashion industry.

Where to buy it?

You can buy a fascinator in your local malls, no doubt. However, if you are having a hard time finding one, you can check online sellers of fascinators online. I am sure that you will find a full list of sellers to choose from, and you will have a lot of options to explore. Furthermore, you may also choose to have your fascinator customized to the way you like it. There are shops that you can find (online as well) who are open to the idea of making their customers choose the material, size, color and add ons to the fascinator. If you don’t have an idea on the style you want to work on, you may also get out of the box ideas from the designer you are working with.

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